The Rise of Mary Jane Shoes

The Rise of Mary Jane Shoes – Are They Still Popular Today?

Mary Jane shoes are low-profile shoes. The back and sides of Mary Jane shoes rise just short of the ankle, about mid-way up the foot. There is no tongue — the area in which modern tennis shoes are laced up — on Mary Jane shoes, instead kept on by a small, thin strap with a buckle or, sometimes, a button. This type of footwear is usually worn exclusively by young girls going to church, attending weddings or funerals, or heading off to school. Outside of female children wearing Mary Jane shoes in formal settings, these shoes are virtually nowhere to be seen in today’s era of fashion, style, and clothing.

Mary Jane shoes got their start in an animated comic strip, which was also in its early stages at the time. R. F. Outcault was an animator and writer for the New York World newspaper, released every Sunday throughout the Empire State. He began working for various newspapers in the late 1900s and was in the later stages of his career when he published comic Buster Brown for the first time in 1902.

Buster Brown was regarded as a hit by avid newspaper readers, comics, and even occasional readers. The comic featured primarily two characters: its namesake Buster Brown and childhood friend Mary Jane. Oddly enough, the pair were the same type of shoes in the animated comedic pioneer — of course known today as BHD Mary Jane Shoes.

After two years of continuing Buster Brown, Mr. Outcault had received so many sentiments about the pair’s shoes that he decided to capitalize on them himself. Holding the rights to the comic’s and its character’s likeness, he visited the 1904 World’s Fair being held in Saint Louis. He sold off the ability for companies to capitalize on the comic strip’s likeness, particularly Buster Brown and his female friend Mary Jane. These characters were used to advertise various products and services across the United States.

A footwear manufacturer called the Brown Shoe Company used Buster Brown and Mary Jane to help sell their products. The company hired people to dress up as these two characters, performing plays, shorts, and other plays that helped Brown Shoe Company sell its offerings.

Even though 199 other companies held the rights to the comic’s characters, Brown Shoe Company was most closely associated with the comic’s likeness. They became the largest manufacturer, distributor, and seller of Mary Jane shoes in the United States.

Mary Jane shoes gained popularity by all ages and genders until the 1920s, when they became most popular with grown women. In the 1930s, men stopped wearing them completely, boys and men alike having worn them until this point. The footwear’s prevalence among adults dropped off completely in the 1940s, although still being worn by some — female children, toddlers, and babies.

The footwear is still popular today, nearly 120 years after they made their debut in comic strip Buster Brown. Young girls usually only wear them in settings requiring formal dress, albeit the legend of these shoes lives on.

Reasons to Wear Steel Cap Boots

Top Ten Reasons to Wear Steel Cap Boots

If you work for an industrial company, you may be required to wear steel cap boots to satisfy the company’s compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA Regulations will often require the staff of certain businesses to use protective footwear. This is a normal requirement for any job that has the potential for a risk of falling, piercing, or electrical hazards to guarantee that everyone that is exposed to these risks is wearing the proper footwear. So, if you have a job that involves falling blocks, nails, forklifts or heavy equipment, there is a good possibility that you will need to wear a steel cap boot.

In the early 1900’s, steel cap boots were often used around construction sites. During WWII, steel cap boots became commonly used in factory settings. At this point in history, factories were working around the clock to produce munitions, and an accident would mean a large disruption to the work day. By 1970, Nixon pushed the issue forward to create the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

The following are the Top 10 reasons why it is important to Steel Cap Boots From Brand House Direct boats at work:
1. OSHA requirements
This basically means that you don’t have a choice. When you have a job that has the above listed potential hazards, you will be required to wear a steel cap boot while you are working.
2. Falling debris
When you work construction, you run the constant risk of falling lumber, bricks, or heavy equipment. With steel cap boots, you can stop these objects from removing your toes during an accident. Remember, any time you protect your head from falling objects that you need to do the same for your toes.

3. Comfort
Even though most people consider steel cap boots uncomfortable that is simply not the case. Many steel cap boots are very nice quality and are very comfortable.
4. Prevent slips and falls
Steel cap boots can also help you from taking a fall and damaging your foot. Slip-resistant boots can help stop this type of accident, and you get an extra layer of protection with the steel cap.
5. Look great
Most people think of the classic heavy black booth when they think of steel capd shoes. Even though you can still choose that durable look, steel cap boots actually come in a lot of different styles that look like dress shoes, athletic shoes, and many other styles.
6. Works well with your hard hat
If you are already wearing a hard hat, a good steel cap boot can finish off your uniform while ensuring that you are safe from head to toe. This is especially important if you are headed out to a hazardous job site, you should make sure that you are totally protected.
7. Durability
A good pair of steel cap shoes will last you a long time. They will be there when you need to get work done, and they can take a beating without being work down fast.
8. Keep your toes
If you want to keep your toes, and who doesn’t, making sure you wear steel cap boots is a great way to guarantee that you won’t lose them in a work related accident.
9. Fit well with socks
Make sure to match your steel cap boots with a comfortable pair of socks. When you wear your boots for a long shift, comfort will be very important, and a good pair of socks will make your already comfortable boots even cozier to wear.
10. Avoid snake bites
For those that work outside, there can be a very real possibility that you will run into a poisonous snake. Since you can never know when a snake will strike, you can be guaranteed that a snake bit won’t be able to penetrate steel.

Going to a Male Strip Club

Three Things You Can Discover by Going to a Male Strip Club

Going to a male strip club may be one of the most exciting things you will do in your lifetime. With the music, the men, and the energy, you won’t be able to contain your excitement. However, you could also be dreading it, fearing the unknown. The truth is, though, that you may just discover a few things when you finally go to see Male Strippers Melbourne

You Get Caught Up
If you are the type of person that doesn’t show a lot of emotion, you may just surprise yourself when you go to a male strip club. These clubs are usually filled with a bunch of rowdy women who are all just having a good time. The laughter, the screams of excitement, and music will pull you right in and you may just find yourself caught up in the excitement right along with everyone else.

It’s Not What You Expected
You may have preconceived ideas about what the male strip club is and, may soon discover, it’s nothing like you expected at all. Many people tend to think that all the male strippers do is get up on stage and strip. However, the majority of these men are professional dancers who may just surprise you with how skilled they are in dancing.

It’s Only for the Young
You may have expected to go to a club and find nothing but young women surrounding the stage. This is not likely to happen. Women of all ages enjoy going to a male strip club. In fact, you may discover that the majority of women in the audience are above the age of fifty and, some, well into their seventies.

A male strip club is an entertainment venue that will most likely surprise you, especially if it is your first visit. Bare Nights Topless Waiters Melbourne are talented dancers and you will find that women of all ages are willing to show their appreciations for their physique and dancing skills. Who knows? You may just discover that it is an establishment that you want to visit again. Many women often become regulars, just because it is entertaining and great way to have fun with friends.