Reasons to Wear Steel Cap Boots

Top Ten Reasons to Wear Steel Cap Boots

If you work for an industrial company, you may be required to wear steel cap boots to satisfy the company’s compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA Regulations will often require the staff of certain businesses to use protective footwear. This is a normal requirement for any job that has the potential for a risk of falling, piercing, or electrical hazards to guarantee that everyone that is exposed to these risks is wearing the proper footwear. So, if you have a job that involves falling blocks, nails, forklifts or heavy equipment, there is a good possibility that you will need to wear a steel cap boot.

In the early 1900’s, steel cap boots were often used around construction sites. During WWII, steel cap boots became commonly used in factory settings. At this point in history, factories were working around the clock to produce munitions, and an accident would mean a large disruption to the work day. By 1970, Nixon pushed the issue forward to create the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

The following are the Top 10 reasons why it is important to Steel Cap Boots From Brand House Direct boats at work:
1. OSHA requirements
This basically means that you don’t have a choice. When you have a job that has the above listed potential hazards, you will be required to wear a steel cap boot while you are working.
2. Falling debris
When you work construction, you run the constant risk of falling lumber, bricks, or heavy equipment. With steel cap boots, you can stop these objects from removing your toes during an accident. Remember, any time you protect your head from falling objects that you need to do the same for your toes.

3. Comfort
Even though most people consider steel cap boots uncomfortable that is simply not the case. Many steel cap boots are very nice quality and are very comfortable.
4. Prevent slips and falls
Steel cap boots can also help you from taking a fall and damaging your foot. Slip-resistant boots can help stop this type of accident, and you get an extra layer of protection with the steel cap.
5. Look great
Most people think of the classic heavy black booth when they think of steel capd shoes. Even though you can still choose that durable look, steel cap boots actually come in a lot of different styles that look like dress shoes, athletic shoes, and many other styles.
6. Works well with your hard hat
If you are already wearing a hard hat, a good steel cap boot can finish off your uniform while ensuring that you are safe from head to toe. This is especially important if you are headed out to a hazardous job site, you should make sure that you are totally protected.
7. Durability
A good pair of steel cap shoes will last you a long time. They will be there when you need to get work done, and they can take a beating without being work down fast.
8. Keep your toes
If you want to keep your toes, and who doesn’t, making sure you wear steel cap boots is a great way to guarantee that you won’t lose them in a work related accident.
9. Fit well with socks
Make sure to match your steel cap boots with a comfortable pair of socks. When you wear your boots for a long shift, comfort will be very important, and a good pair of socks will make your already comfortable boots even cozier to wear.
10. Avoid snake bites
For those that work outside, there can be a very real possibility that you will run into a poisonous snake. Since you can never know when a snake will strike, you can be guaranteed that a snake bit won’t be able to penetrate steel.

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